All Saints Project | Thru November 8

As we remember all of the saints of First Baptist Greensboro who have passed away in the last year, we’d like to give our congregation a way to tangibly honor and celebrate the lives of those who helped FBC become the church family it is today. We need YOU to participate in making a congregation-wide art project to remember those saints! Beginning Saturday, October 31- Sunday, November 8, come by the portico by the atrium to pick up all of the supplies and instructions you’ll need to help us create this simple, but beautiful project together. There will be a box there that you can access at any time. You can take one bag of supplies per person in your home, or you can just create one piece of art as a family. This project is for ALL AGES. If you’d like to participate, but can’t get by the church, contact Courtney Willis, and we can make a delivery to you. We hope you’ll participate in this meaningful opportunity to learn more about the saints of the church while honoring their memory.