Mary’s Song: Knowing the Healing of God  |  By Ken Brannon
Week 2, Day 11  |  December 9

“God will show His mercy forever and ever to those who worship and serve Him.” Luke 1:50

My life was going fairly well until September 22, 2014. It had been a routine day. That evening I was sitting at the computer, and the next thing I remember, there was a seemingly houseful of medics surrounding me. Next I was in an ambulance, surrounded by a group of unfamiliar people, but also Joye and my son-in-law. Then there was a darkness that lasted several days. When there was light again, I learned I had suffered a stroke, and that I could do nothing on my own. My life started all over again.

For 26 days a cadre of therapists worked with me and thus began my new life. Before long they brought back the memory of walking, talking, and many of the things I used to do for myself. Finally I graduated to home therapy and then to outside therapy. I was now doing all those things I had forgotten how to do, but only half way.

There were several things I could not do because of the weakness on my right side, but the one that hurt the most was the one that gave me the most satisfaction in serving my God; the joy of singing praises to Him. There was only a shadow of my voice left. And that has not come back.

During this time Joye and I have prayed and cried, but we also laughed a lot. We have learned to take life one day at a time. We both realize and are thankful for the host of people who offered up prayers for my healing. You can see how God answered your prayers.

But above all else, I have learned to give God my all-my best- and
He has never failed me. He will show me how to serve him.

PRAYER:  O God, Grant us healing, that our gifts may be used to give you praise and bring honor to your name. Amen.

Ken Brannon and his wife, Joye, have been married for 58 years and have been members of FBC for 40 years. Ken served Baptists well through his many positions with the Baptist Sunday School Board. Ken and Joye have two married children and seven grandchildren.