The Angel’s Song: Finding Our Way to the Christ Child
By Christina McCord
Week 4, Day 24  |  December 22

When did you first accept Christ into your life?

This is a question that I have always struggled with. Having grown up in the Presbyterian faith, I was baptized as an infant and confirmed as a teenager, but neither of these experiences were defining moments for me. My parents instilled in me a strong dedication to church and always emphasized living a life that followed Jesus. I think back to my early years of attending Sunday School and church, attending Bible school each summer, serving the less fortunate, and bringing the light of Christ into worship.

As I reflect on my formative years in youth ministry, the deep faith conversations that took place around the circle, the retreats and trips where I asked hard questions and formed lasting friendships, the youth leaders that I connected to, and the mission trips that helped me to the defining moment of accepting Jesus, I can say that my faith evolved through the firm foundation that my parents helped to build and the many experiences, opportunities and encounters that took place through my involvement with church.

Just as the shepherds followed the angels’ words, I had my parents and my church family to guide me to Jesus. This was a gradual and constant journey as I came to have a deeper understanding of my faith, my relationship with Christ, and my responsibility to others and the world. I learned how to love and live like Jesus through all of this.

PRAYER: Dear God, we thank you for the angels that led the shepherds to Jesus.
We are grateful for the angels and shepherd in our own lives that help us to encounter Jesus. Amen.

Christina McCord is the Minister to Children and Families at FBC. She taught elementary school for 6 years before being called into ministry. She served 8 years as a Youth Minister and found her true calling in children’s ministry 4 years ago. Christina and her husband, Jason, have two sons, Grant (8) and Jake (6). She enjoys family bike rides and spending quality time with Jason and her boys.