Zechariah’s Song: For This I am Thankful  |  By Susan Steelman
Week 3, Day 20  |  December 18

For this I am thankful . . .

Faith in the Trinity, the unconditional love of family, exploring and experiencing my spiritual journey with the readers of this devotional guide, political freedom, passion for my profession are the obvious. But, the not so obvious include mistakes
I have made and will continue to make while on this earth.

Why am I thankful for the mistakes during the course of my life? My heart, my actions, my thoughts, my innermost being has, in part, been molded by these transgressions. Although individuality and uniqueness are traits I have always cherished, relationships and shared experiences have taught me that forgiveness, interdependence and community are what help a person grow in love, compassion, empathy and grace.

A major lesson I have learned through faith and community is the gift of forgiveness. Not only the act of forgiving others, but just as important to forgive self. Through this inner absolution and grace, I have discovered that to be at peace with others one has to be at peace with one’s self. Naturally this awareness has allowed me to be a better recipient of love, compassion and grace. However, it has also deepened my commitment to provide love, compassion, empathy and grace to others less fortunate than I. In addition, this self-discovery has taught me to respect opinions and choices of others while embracing the diversity of God’s creation. Am I always comfortable with the opportunities these situations may present to me? No, but my life is wrought with transgression and who is to say that someday I may be the less fortunate?

PRAYER:  O God, May all of humankind this day seek to love one another as you have loved us. May we each search our souls for the grace that you, O God have bestowed upon us that we might carry it to others who are in need of its power. Amen

Susan Steelman is a 12 year member of FBC. She has been active in various mission projects in our community as well as in our youth department.