Zechariah’s Song: Our Hymn of Thanksgiving |  By Kim Priddy
Week 3, Day 15  |  December 13

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated Thanksgiving.  

It is the time when our family and friends join together for fellowship and recognize and claim the blessings in our lives.  Our theme for this week induces us in the same ways. Our focus passage is known as Song of Zechariah or Benedictus (Blessed); Zechariah praises God for fulfilling God’s covenant to God’s people and prophesizes of John the Baptist’s ministry. It is easy to look around and give thanks for our “stuff,” but if we lean in a little deeper into Zechariah’s example, we begin to notice that praise is offered for God’s character. In this exaltation to God, we are reminded of God’s tender mercies.

Zechariah and Elizabeth were blessed with a child well past the age of child bearing years…their child would be a forerunner for the coming Messiah. As we think about what we are most thankful for this Advent Season, may we look deeply into our hearts and souls to give praise for the tender mercies extended to us by God’s redemptive love.

PRAYER:  Oh Lord, during this Advent Season, help us to see past the Christmas décor and think deeply about what we are thankful for. Amen

Kim Priddy serves as the Associate Pastor of Missions and Community Outreach with First Baptist Church. She is married to Brent and has three children, Brad, Ryan, and Kate.