Mary’s Song: The Presence of God on Our Prayer Road
By The Wall Family (Brad, Laura, Caleb, Evy, and Katherine)
Week 2, Day 14  |  December 12

We have a prayer road.

If you drive down Hill Street, somewhere between Wendover Avenue and Battleground Avenue you’ll find, scattered along the way, the prayers of our family. As we flip the turn signal and pull onto Hill Street, the radio goes off, the silliness stops, and the words “Prayer Road!” come hurling in from the back. Thankful expressions of firetrucks and construction stuff, cousins and holidays fill the air. We even speculate what one year old Katherine might be thankful for…inevitably it’s her blanket and thumb. And it’s at this moment that Laura and I look at each other and know that God is all around us, trying to give us (the two grownups) a glimpse of Himself.

It’s in these moments that we feel closest to God. Don’t get me wrong, our lives are filled with moments when God is trying to draw us to Himself, but there’s something special about being in the car, on the way to church. Maybe it’s the fact that we are all strapped in, trapped with limited distractions; or maybe because most of the time we are depending on Him in order to make it to church on time. But I think it’s because, only a few minutes before Laura and I felt so unchurch-like, so unprepared for this Christian journey. We have just spent the last half hour yelling about what clothes to wear or why we don’t wipe our cinnamon bun sticky fingers on the couch. We are so concerned with church that we forget Christ; so concerned with our familiar appearance that we forget our family. But then Evelyn will remind us as she starts, “Dear Jesus…” And so we all pray:

PRAYER:  Dear Jesus, This Christmas may we each be reminded that in your birth, God came down to be with us, and through His Spirit, He brings us closer to Himself. Amen.

Wall Family: Brad and Laura Wall joined FBC on Father’s Day 2014. They have three children: Caleb (5), Evelyn (3), and Katherine (1). As a family they enjoy spending time together playing trains, dancing, singing off-key to made-up songs, and racing to see who can be the first to get buckled in the car.