Welcome Rev. Courtney Finocchiaro Stamey

Courtney will begin her 2-year Residency in September 2016. This unique residency will provide an immersive experience in congregational ministry and a community ministry focus with Peacehaven Community Farm and will split her time between both ministries.  A graduate of Wake Forest Divinity School (MDiv ’15) and Gardner-Webb University (BA in Religion and Public Relations), Courtney also has experience as a Chaplain Resident at Cone Health (2015-2016) and was ordained by FBC High Point.  Courtney is originally from DeLand, FL. In her free time Courtney enjoys playing disc golf, cooking, and being outdoors. She is married to Michael Stamey, who serves as the Minister to Students and Media at FBC High Point.

“The work of God extends beyond the church bells of Sunday morning to the inaudible seedling sprouting. This residency excites me because it seems to reflect the real trajectory of the people of God, spread beyond  church walls.”  –Rev. Courtney Stamey