You are invited to participate in FBC’s Summer Book Read! All FBC adults are encouraged to use the months of July and August to read An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor.

The summer is a great time to slow down, pay attention to the world around us, and notice where God is present in our daily lives.  This book invites us to do just that through engaging in our faith every day, outside the walls of the church.

Whoever you are, you are human. Wherever you are, you live in the world, which is just waiting for you to notice the holiness in it.

– Barbara Brown Taylor, An Altar in the World

As you read the book, ask others around you about what they think about it and how they are experiencing God this summer.  On Wednesday night, September 5, we will gather as a congregation to discuss the ideas in the book and how we might grow individually and collectively through this shared reading.

Earth is so thick with divine possibility that it is a wonder we can walk anywhere without cracking our shins on altars.

– Barbara Brown Taylor, An Altar in the World

How to Get Your Copy

You may purchase your own copy on Wednesdays or Sundays at our Summer Reading tables located in the Atrium or Fellowship Hall. Books are $10 each, and there will be a box available for cash or check (made out to FBC) on the honor system. If you’d like to order your book, it can be purchase for the same price on Amazon. If you have any questions, please connect with Alisa Windsor at or ext 225.