First Baptist Church Preschool



First Baptist’s Preschool was begun many years ago, and it has been an enduring presence in the Greensboro community since then. The Preschool combines faith and learning along the developmental spectrum from birth through Kindergarten readiness.


The Weekday School encourages spiritual growth and development through hands-on lessons, stories, art activities, music and social experiences that are based on a weekly Bible story. We do not teach doctrine.


The basis for classroom instruction is the Wee Learn curriculum. Written from the Christian perspective, this developmental curriculum offers age-appropriate learning experiences. The teachers at the Weekday School offer activities and experiences that touch on each developmental domain, in order to encourage the growth and development of the whole child. The Weekday School is an inclusive program, and the teachers individualize instruction to meet the needs and ability levels of all learners.


FBC Preschool follows Guilford County Schools decisions on closing for inclement weather. Please consult media announcements or the GCS website.