Pastoral Residency

The Pastoral Residency is a 2 year transition-into-ministry program providing immersive experience in both congregational and community ministry within the supportive environment of a teaching congregation. Over the course of their term, we hope the Resident will develop the pastoral identity, theological frameworks, and habits of work and leadership that will contribute to a sustainable vocational ministry. In its two years, the Residency has had significant impact on the congregation and on the Residents themselves, allowing for an exchange of gifts that has helped all to grow.


2017-2019 Residency  |  Seeking Applicants

We are currently seeking applicants for the 2017-2019 Residency. The Resident will serve in ministry at First Baptist Church Greensboro, participating in the broad range of the church’s pastoral ministry, and developing select projects that compliment the vocational and learning goals of the Resident and the needs of the church. Among their projects, the 2017-2019 Resident will spend a portion of their time in support of First Baptist’s Youth Ministry. The church looks forward to an additional qualified minister joining its pastoral staff, and will trust the Resident to staff initiatives and support programs for our growing congregation. All interested candidates should complete the Pastoral Residency Application, found here, and return to by April 30.

Rev. Courtney Finocchiaro Stamey

2016-2018 Pastoral Resident

Courtney began her 2-year Residency in September 2016. The 2016-2018 Residency is a shared program and partnership with Peacehaven Community Farm, as Courtney splits her time between both ministries. A graduate of Wake Forest Divinity School (MDiv ’15) and Gardner-Webb University (BA in Religion and Public Relations), Courtney also has experience as a Chaplain Resident at Cone Health (2015-2016) and was ordained by FBC High Point. Courtney is originally from DeLand, FL. In her free time Courtney enjoys playing disc golf, cooking, and being outdoors. She is married to Michael Stamey, who serves as the Minister to Students and Media at FBC High Point.

“The work of God extends beyond the church bells of Sunday morning to the inaudible seedling sprouting. This residency excites me because it seems to reflect the real trajectory of the people of God, spread beyond  church walls.”  –Rev. Courtney Stamey


John Thornton

2015-2017 Pastoral Resident

John Thornton began his 2-year Residency at First Baptist in September 2015, and was recently called as the new Associate Pastor for Youth, Adults and Missions at First Baptist Church on Fifth in Winston-Salem, NC, where he will transition June 1. A graduate of Duke Divinity School (MDiv ’15) and Baylor University (BA in Religion ’09), John has a strong background in both congregational and community ministry, having served as a ministry intern through field education placements at several churches throughout his years of seminary, and also as a program director, tutor, and Bible study leader in a variety of community ministries and schools. John feels called to pastoral ministry as a vocation that brings together his passions for church, community, education, advocacy and scholarship. At First Baptist, John has participated in the broad pastoral ministry and leadership of the church, while also focusing on three areas of ministry identified early in his tenure: young adult spiritual formation, hospitality, and pastoral support to those experiencing chronic economic needs.