This Fall, we have wonderful new offerings for adults as part of our Midweek @FBC. Adult classes will meet from 6:20-7:05 pm (unless otherwise noted) on Wednesdays nights beginning. Our Wednesday night programming kicks off on September 5th with a large group discussion of An Altar in the World. We hope you will join us!

An Altar in the World  Discussion

Presenter:  Courtney Willis
Location: Fellowship Hall
Date: September 5, 2018


Over the summer, many of us read Barbara Brown Taylor’s An Altar in the World. Everyone is invited to participate in the discussion of themes from the book, whether you’ve read it or not, on Wednesday, September 5 at our first Midweek @FBC gathering. We will remain in the Fellowship Hall for our discussion.

Job:  Finding Beauty From the Ash Heap

Presenter:  Steve Sumerel
Location: Chapel
Duration: September – November


Job may be the most troubling yet beautiful books of the Bible; troubling because Job did not deserve the disasters that befell him, beautiful because of the view of God that could only be revealed from the ash-heap. In this study, we will seek to understand the place of Job in Old Testament thought and theology, and we will get a glimpse of God through the eyes of Job, his so-called comforters, and even Job’s family. Job is worth the time to read and study slowly… for the story… the poetry… the theology… and for the opportunities it brings to form a deeper relationship with God. We shall seek to encounter Job on all these levels in this three-month series.

Faith & the Empty Nest

Presenter:  Wanda Kidd, head of Campus Ministry for Cooperative Fellowship of NC
Location: TBA
Duration: September 19 – October 10, 2018


This study will give parents and loved ones of college-aged and young adult children the opportunity to gather and share about how faith and life are impacted as children leave the home. Wanda Kidd, head of Campus Ministry for Cooperative Fellowship of NC and other campus ministers will guide this important conversation each week.

Strong & Courageous

Presenter:  Courtney Willis
Location: 108-C
Duration: September – November


In this series, we will take a look at Biblical characters who showed strength and courage in both expected and unexpected ways.

Through this examination of scripture, we will discuss ways we can be strong and courageous in our own lives. What might it look like if we are strong and courageous in our families? In our careers? In our communities? In the world?

Together, we will discover how strength and courage are rooted in having faith and trust in the God who is leading us.